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​i-JECT 디지털자동주사기 통증해소 알고리즘특허기술로 편안한 마취시술 마취액을 천천히 일정한 간격으로 주입함으로써 환자분이 마취액이 들어가는 것을 크게 느끼지 못할 정도 아주 천천히 들어가며 마취액 주입에 따른 통증을 완화해 줍니다. 압력으로 인한 통증이 없는 것이 장점이죠. 무통이라고 해서 통증이 전혀 없는 것은 아니고 최소한으로 통증을 줄여 준다고 생각하시면 됩니다. 마취에 대한 불편감을 훨씬 덜어 줍니다. 특히 아이들이 마취 과정에서 주사의 공포와 불편함을 느끼지 않도록 통증 완화 알고리즘을 기반해서 제작된 디지털 자동주입 시스템 무통마취기입니다. ​ 통증 없는 스마트한 무통마취기로 마취 시 통증 80% 정도 경감하며, 프로그램된 자동주사로 정량의 마취액만 주입합니다.

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Introducing i-JECT: The Revolutionary Digital Anesthesia System for Pain-Free Dental Procedures

Experience a whole new level of comfort during anesthesia with i-JECT, our patented pain-relief algorithm technology that ensures a virtually painless anesthetic experience. Say goodbye to the fear and discomfort associated with traditional anesthesia needles.

i-JECT’s digital automatic injection system is specially designed to minimize pain for children, allowing them to undergo dental procedures without the fear and discomfort of traditional anesthesia.

With i-JECT, you’ll enjoy up to 80% pain reduction during anesthesia, ensuring a smarter and more comfortable dental experience. Our programmed automatic injection system delivers the precise dosage of anesthetic required, eliminating the risk of over or under-dosing.

*Please note that while i-JECT significantly reduces pain during anesthesia, it does not completely eliminate it. Individual experiences may vary, and it is essential to consider the overall context of each situation when using i-JECT. Always follow proper medical guidelines and regulations when utilizing i-JECT in dental procedures.

In conclusion, i-JECT is an innovative and essential tool for dental professionals and patients alike, offering a significantly more comfortable anesthesia experience. Trust i-JECT for your next dental procedure and experience the difference today.