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진단 3D CT 촬영을 통해 골조직, 신경 조직 등을 고려하여 구강 상태 파악 3D모의시술 컴퓨터 가상 모의수술을 통해 임플란트가 식립될 위치를 파악, 개개인에 맞춘 수술 계획 수립 맞춤가이드 제작 3D 모의 시술에서 분석된 데이터를 통해 개인에게 보다 적합한 보철물과 보조장치 제작 임플란트 식립 제작된 맞춤형 가이드를 이용하여 모의수술을 바탕으로 임플란트 식립

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Discover Your Perfect Smile with iDental Clinic

Step 1: Advanced 3D Diagnosis
Using cutting-edge 3D CT scanning technology, we analyze every detail of your oral health, including bone structure and nerve tissue, to provide a comprehensive assessment of your individual needs.

Step 2: Personalized 3D Simulation
Experience a virtual mock-up of your dental implant procedure, allowing our experts to pinpoint the precise implant location and create a customized treatment plan tailored just for you.

Step 3: Custom-Made Guides
Based on the data from your 3D simulation, we craft personalized dental prosthetics and support devices to ensure the most accurate and comfortable fit for your unique needs.

Step 4: Implant Placement
Our skilled dental professionals utilize the custom-made guides to seamlessly place your dental implants, following the meticulous plan from your virtual simulation to achieve the perfect smile you deserve.

*Please Note:
The final outcome of our AI-generated content may require additional editing and adjustments based on individual circumstances and context. It is crucial to thoroughly review and adapt the material to suit your specific needs, while also adhering to medical regulations. Your perfect smile is just a few clicks away – let iDental Clinic guide you on your journey to a healthier, more confident you!