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a코스 울쎄라 600샷 + 써마지 600샷 b코스 1. 울쎄라 600샷 + 써마지 300샷 2. 써마지 600샷 + 울쎄라 300샷 c코스 1.울쎄라 600샷 2.써마지 600샷 3.울쎄라 300샷 + 써마지 300샷 d코스 1. 울쎄라 300샷 2. 써마지 300샷 => 울쎄라 써마지 샷수만 정하면 나머지 애디셔널은 의사-환자-상담실장이 상의해서 풀커스텀으로 비용없이 필요한거 다 해줄 예정.

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Discover Your Perfect Skin Treatment Plan at Swiss Dermatology Clinic

Choose from our customized treatment courses designed to cater to your specific skin needs:

A Course:
Experience the Ultimate Skin Revitalization with 600 shots of Ulcella + 600 shots of Thermage

B Course:
1. Achieve a Balanced Skin Treatment with 600 shots of Ulcella + 300 shots of Thermage
2. Enhance your Skin’s Elasticity with 600 shots of Thermage + 300 shots of Ulcella

C Course:
1. Transform your Skin with 600 shots of Ulcella
2. Rejuvenate with 600 shots of Thermage
3. Get the Best of Both Worlds with 300 shots of Ulcella + 300 shots of Thermage

D Course:
1. Boost your Skin’s Radiance with 300 shots of Ulcella
2. Tighten and Tone with 300 shots of Thermage

* Our expert team of doctors, patient consultants, and clinic managers will work with you to create a fully customized treatment plan based on your individual needs and preferences, at no additional cost.

Important Reminder:
Please remember that the final results should not be solely based on the AI-generated outcome. It’s crucial to review and adjust the treatment plan according to your unique situation and preferences. Feel free to make modifications as needed, ensuring the best possible results for your skin.