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ABM이라고도 하고요. (Advisory Board member) 피부과 전문의인점, 전국 top 6 안의 많은 케이스 시술인점(서울 제외 제일 많이 했습니다) 저의 브랜딩이나 영어강의가 가능한점, 학술 논문 참여 등 브랜드에서 핵심 켐페인이 있을 때 자문하는 의사라고 생각하시면 될것 같습니다.

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Introducing Our Renowned ABM (Advisory Board Member)

Welcome to a world of expertise and excellence with our top-tier dermatologist, an Advisory Board Member who has performed a significant number of treatments in the top 6 nationwide clinics (excluding Seoul) and is renowned for their remarkable proficiency in the field. Our ABM’s remarkable talents go beyond treatments, including personal branding, English lectures, and active participation in academic research.

When it comes to our brand’s core campaigns, our ABM stands as a guiding light, offering invaluable insights and professional advice to ensure the best possible results for our clients. Trust your skin’s health in the hands of our esteemed expert and experience a transformation like never before.

*Important Note: Please be advised that the final outcome is not solely dependent on the AI-generated results. It is essential to thoroughly review and make necessary adjustments based on the specific situation and context. Users are encouraged to apply discretion and make modifications as needed, keeping in mind the medical regulations and the overall design of the website.